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27th Mar, 2023

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13th Mar, 2023

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6th Mar, 2023

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27th Feb, 2023

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About the Podcast

The Leadership Tales Podcast with Colin Hunter
The Leadership Tales Podcast is hosted by me, Colin Hunter. I am an author, coach, mentor and the CEO of PotentialSquared ? a Leadership Development company based in the UK. My life-long passion is to amplify the ?human? in Leadership.
I am fascinated by people and how they have used leadership in their journeys to success.
I have created the Leadership Tales Podcast so that we can indulge ourselves in learning how some amazing people have overcome challenges and failures to achieve in their roles through their leadership. They are leaders, thinkers, and experts who have tales that can help us thrive.

Will you join me on this fascinating voyage through all things “Leadership”?

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